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With a focus on COVID-19 safe practices and to address present and future 21st Century challenges, we assure the community of free testing access and early treatment options. Relume Foundation personally engages with residents to determine pressing concerns and distributes factual, language-friendly information addressing myths about COVID-19 and any perceived risks. We endeavor to reach all community residents with current vaccine availability and convenient COVID-19 services including the proper use of home-testing kits.


Our objective is to increase vaccine equity in communities across New York currently experiencing low vaccination rates and engage them in open conversation about the COVID vaccine.  As a recipient of a Vaccine Equity Partner Engagement (VEPE) grant from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, with more personal contact and by utilizing social media, we can significantly increase our visibility and impact specific communities needing our support.

Masks and Testing

With the rise of COVID infections, we continue to stress the importance of layered protection including proper use of masks/protective covering, social distancing, handwashing, vaccination, and COVID-19 testing. We have expanded our reach to several more communities educating residents on the need to remain vigilant in protecting themselves.


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