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Relume’s Student-Tutor Connect Program launched in the second half of the 2022 academic year.  High schoolers receive one-on-one tutoring in designated subjects and are matched with an experienced teacher and mentor. Several program participants are in the application phase for college entry and exam prep.  In the process, Relume is providing guidance and we are pleased to say that early applicants have been accepted to the university of their choice. In the midst of the academic year, the COVID-19 pandemic magnified the need for additional resources and counseling which Relume successfully delivered.

Early Childhood Development Program.  Ni Abule “In the village” is a new offering introduced by Relume. Sponsored by Fuel for 50, (a new initiative in New York City to strengthen early learning) the project aims to develop a safe village space where seasoned parents partner with new parents to discuss all aspects of child-rearing, relationship challenges, and personal development.  It is an exciting opportunity to bring balance into our often hectic lives.  Storytime is an exclusive feature in collaboration with Arts in Christian Theatre (ACT) which aims to stimulate learning, parental bonding, and village building with music, acting, dance, and interactive play. The central focus is on the development and enrichment of our youngest children; from infants to 7 years of age. We anticipate continued growth and participation as the program is shared in the village.

Relume has assisted over 100 families on how to navigate the oftentimes complex education system. Additionally, we have supported hundreds of inner city children in New York with free SAT prep and 1-to-1 academic tutoring. In Ogun State, Nigeria, we are building an elementary school which will enhance the lives of many children in the region.

One-on-One Tutoring

We are excited to resume our One-on-One Tutoring Program. With the dedication of our Academic Team, high school students are directly matched with professional tutors on the zoom platform and mentored in their academic subject of interest. Sessions continued successfully through the pandemic with 18 students.

To further encourage our youth through the pandemic, Relume began free SAT prep for high school students preparing for college. The Tutors-Students Connection matches high school students and certified teachers across the United States. Through this outreach, we were able to support 47 students, grades K-12 and their families.

An online tutoring service was initiated through the Relume website offering students a wide range of educational resources. Relume is able to execute these programs with the assistance of our capable, experienced volunteers and professionals who graciously give their time and skills. Together, we anticipate another year of growth and excellence.

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