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Medical Missions

Over the span of eight years, Relume has provided no-cost medical care to over 100,000 participants in Nigeria, sponsored over 500 cataract surgeries, and performed over 200 free minor surgeries. The foundation has distributed over 2,000 pairs of reading glasses and screened thousands of residents for vision-related problems. Relume has built a 20-bed, fully furnished healthcare facility and is in the process of completing another healthcare site in Yobe State. In collaboration with a local community-based organization in Ecuador, we supported COVID-19 intervention with home-testing kits and personal protective equipment.


Our Medical Missions

Our Services

Basic Medical Services

  • Free blood pressure screening and treatment
  • Free vision screening and treatment
  • Free Diabetes screening and treatment
  • Free malaria test and treatment
  • And lots more.

Free minor Surgeries such as:

  • Lipoma (Abnormal enlarge fat tissues over the skin and anywhere in the body)
  • Hernias (Inguinal,Umbilical, Fermoral, Post surgical, etc.
  • Mobile Breast lumps, Guinea worm Modules.

Free Medication Distribution and much more.

Free Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Counselors and lots more.


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