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Ms. Simisola Adeosun

Youth Liaison, Relume Foundation Inc.

Her Story

Simisola Adeosun is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from St. John’s University. With a passion for international law she is starting her path towards law school. She has a goal of reaching and leaving a lasting global impact through advising, counseling and representing individuals, orgnanizations, non-for-profits and government entities. This goal was easily transferable to the work done alongside The Relume Foundation. Starting as a volunteer within the ranks Simisola has played a vital role in the creation of the various missions within this organization. Now as the official Creative Director she is able to truly flourish and make waves within the foundation. She is deeply honored to play a part in the cultivation of the resilent, loving, hardworking and passionate nature of The Relume Foundation.

— Simisola Adeosun

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