About Us


We have and are still offering quality training services with certified tutors at no cost. Students preparedness and success in their respective exams have been greatly propelled and guaranteed by us, from free study materials, to mock/online simulation tests.

Our proficiency with this training is clearly evident in the outcome of our students success and the recognition/awards that have been given us.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • SAT Prep classes in Springfield Gardens HS Campus (2018-2019)
  • SAT Prep classes at ACT Studios, Hillside Avenue (2018 to present)
  •  SAT Prep classes in Far Rockaway – 2018 and 2019


We are a group of individuals that makes up a formidable team of dedicated board, staff and volunteers driven with passion and skills measured against standard, Catering to the health and educational needs of the less privileged in rural communities in Africa and the world. We break barriers of access to health and educational needs and impact positively every community we visit.



Our vision is to alleviate human suffering by being the hand of God extended and a conduit that connects people that do not have to those that have.

Our mission is to bring light and hope to improvised regions of Africa and the world at large, by meeting basic human needs of shelter, food, health and education.

The objectives through which this mission is accomplished includes:

  • Focus on the significant issues affecting targeted communities after thorough assessment
  • Mobilize health workers to provide services to rural communities away from locations where they usually work
  • Reduce the barriers to care by providing accessible quality healthcare in a hospital setting
  • Meet the health needs of targeted communities through- screening, assessments, diagnosing, treatment, prescriptions and a supply of medication at the time of  care.
  • Increase awareness and prevention of diseases through patient/community education.
  • Dispense drugs and medical supplies to community primary health center for the follow-up of treatment after our departure.
  • Meet educational needs of children through the distribution of supplies opportunity to share, inspire and motivate the children of rural communities.
  • Provide feedback information, necessary data, and third-party validation for our partners and existing sponsors


We have been behind the cutting edge innovation in the health and educational needs provisions, the most prominent of our projects and achievements include but are not limited to:

  • Medical mission at Ilewo-Orile, Ogun State November 2014
  • Medical mission at Ishaga-Orile, Ogun State August 2015
  • Medical mission at Ibara-Orile, Ogun State August 2016
  • Medical mission at Ijebu-Ife, Ogun State February 2017
  • Medical mission at Ijoga-Orile, Ogun State August 2017
  • Medical mission at Ijebu-Igbo and Ijebu-Odumefin, Ogun State February 2018
  • Medical mission at Idogo, Ogun State August 2018
  • Medical mission at Ikeja, in conjunction with Lagos State Government April 2019
  • Medical mission at Imala, Ogun State July 2019
  • Medical mission at Ikenne, Ogun State February 2020

In all of these missions combined, eighteen thousand, five hundred (18,500) people were primary beneficiaries. Secondary beneficiaries are the entire communities whose people were impacted. Issues of vision screening, blood pressure, diabetic screening,  asthma and much more were dealt with. Prescriptions, medication at time of care, and eye glasses were given out. Cataract surgeries were administered in conjunction with Eye Foundation.

Educational supplies were also distributed to local schools and all students in attendance. These were achieved with the help of over two hundred (200) dedicated professionals and volunteers.

Our foundation is focused on helping the less privileged people of our society. We help with health awareness in communities in America and Africa. We collaborate with other non-profit organizations in America and Africa to coordinate medical missions at inner villages in Africa. We provide school supplies to school children in inner cities and villages.

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