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Prof. Sherri Adeosun, RN, PhD

President / CEO, Relume Foundation Inc. & Relume Charitable Foundation, Nigeria

Her Story

Dr. Sherri Adeosun is a public health practitioner, public health consultant, and a registered nurse who has been a mainstay in her field for over 18 years. Her area of research interest includes racial equity, health disparities, public health, communicable disease, COVID-19, pandemic intervention and mitigation, and vaping in adolescents. The doctor has explored all of these areas while she obtained her Ph.D. in Public Health with a focus on Epidemiology and in her everyday work.

She is currently the Nursing Director for New York City High School Program as well as a former adjunct professor of nursing at LIU. A position that allowed her to have a hand in the development of many future nurses.

In 2014, she was appointed president of Relume Foundation Inc. USA and Relume Charitable Foundation, Nigeria; an organization that she co-founded with her husband Dr. Sunday Adeosun. The many arms of Relume have spread across the Americas and Africa. Dr. Sherri is honored and humbled for the ability to serve in this capacity. Relume was birthed out of a calling Dr. Sherri had to be the extended hand, helping those without. Thousands of communities in New York, Nigeria, and Ecuador have benefited from the successful work that the foundation she founded has accomplished.

— Sherri Adeosun

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