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Relume Foundation Inc. is an active outreach organization based in New York City.  It is our mission and privilege to serve and enrich vulnerable communities in America and abroad in Nigeria, West Africa. Relume is supported by a dedicated team of academic, medical and mental health professionals and is a proud recipient of several private and federal grants.

Relume’s proud mission is to bring light and hope to populations of the United States and Africa that are most in need of quality healthcare and education. Our collective goal is to work successfully toward vital solutions for the good of our families and global community. With the tools of life-giving resources, we are able to expand our reach in greater numbers locally in New York City and abroad by providing sound nutrition, housing, medical services, and quality education. Since 2014, in partnership with our dedicated volunteers and professionals, we have enriched thousands of families and are especially proud of our youth. Relume stimulates their academic experience as the students build lifetime skills and excellence.

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