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Relume maintains a visible presence especially where the need is greatest within the urban and rural areas we serve. The Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity in New York has monitored specific areas in response to the COVID-19 impact on communities of color. TRIE communities, as they are categorized, have historically experienced inequities in healthcare. The hardest-hit residential areas of Rockaway-Queens and East New York, Brooklyn are among them and receive our ongoing support. We ensure that resources and access to healthcare services consistently reach these affected populations.

At the time TRIE was established in 2020, more than 50% of all COVID-19 cases in New York City were among this group. Relume encourages COVID vaccinations and boosters for all who are eligible as well as continued safe practices of face masks and frequent handwashing. Our hope and determination as we educate our communities is to significantly reduce COVID infections and in turn raise the quality of comprehensive healthcare.

Relume’s outreach includes: distributing free COVID-19 home-testing kits to 1,000 Far Rockaway residents, over 500,000 PPE, facilitating 100 small group community conversations to address vaccine hesitancy and accessibility, pandemic-focused services to more than 5,000 community members.

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